How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already aware that in some states, you need a medical marijuana card if you want to consume cannabis legally. But do you already know how to get a medical cannabis card? Of the 50 states in America, medical marijuana is legal in twenty-nine. California leads the way in […]

Does Medical Cannabis Help Relieve Stress?

Does Medical Cannabis Help Relieve Stress? Today almost everyone leads a busy and hectic life full of stress which is caused by outside influences they can’t really control and for this reason, people are always looking for new and efficient ways to deal with the overwhelming pressure and learn to relax. There are various studies […]

The Best CBD Gummies For Sale In 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

How do you choose the right CBD gummies? The Best CBD Gummies For Sale In 2019 – Buyer’s Guide In 2019, there are more CBD brands and products available than ever! That’s why deciding which CBD gummy brand is best for you can be challenging. Every person has different needs. Some people may want pain […]

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Capsules

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Capsules Not everyone loves to smoke weed. But that doesn’t mean these same people don’t even like to consume cannabis at all. Many people choose to consume THC through other means. For many, THC isn’t just a fun experience; it’s necessary medicine. For others, maybe they have asthma, and […]

How To Grow Marijuana Plant Indoors | Learn How to Grow Cannabis

How To Grow Marijuana Plant Indoors… Growing a single marijuana plant at home has many advantages, and not only for beginner growers. Granted, the simplicity of caring for just one plant is really helpful for rookies, but that’s not all there’s to it. First of all, finding and setting up a grow space becomes much easier. Literally […]

Columbus City Council Drastically Lowers Penalties For Weed Possession

Buy Weed Online USA. Yesterday, the Columbus City Council voted to significantly lower the penalties for small amounts of cannabis possession. Fines will drop from hundreds of dollars to $25 or less. The penalty for less than 100 grams will go from $100 to $10, while people with 100 to 200 grams will go from […]

Arizona Tea Maker Enters The Cannabis Market

buy cannabis online, It’s official, the maker of Arizona Tea enters the cannabis market, starting with vape pens and THC-infused gummies. Arizona Beverage announced that they reached a licensing deal with Dixie Brands, which makes and sells cannabis-infused drinks, chocolates, gummies, and topical creams. Through the partnership, Dixie, which operates in six U.S. states, will […]

What You Need to Know About Counterfeit Cannabis

When the word “counterfeit” is mentioned, it usually evokes one of two images for people; faulty currency notes, or fraudulent clothing. Regardless of the actual fake, vape cartridges the goal is the same in both occasions. By presenting a product that attempts to duplicate an original — down to its distinctive emblems and unique packaging […]

Most vaping-related lung injuries linked to marijuana products: CDC

Many of the hundreds of e-cigarette users who have developed lung problems in recent months, some of them fatal, used black market marijuana products, such as Dank Vapes , the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday. The CDC was cautious to say the investigation was ongoing, and that the cause of the illnesses […]

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